Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Best and Worst Places To Start A Business

Iceland's Pirate Party floats on Europe’s populist wave

REYKJAVIK, Iceland—Populist movements featuring unconventional politicians have been gaining footholds across a reeling Europe. In Iceland, the Pirate Party—co-founded by a poet and sporting a black Viking sail as a logo—now has a chance for power.

The Pirates, founded in 2012 and advocates of more direct democracy and greater internet freedom, are projected to win Saturday’s general election and get a shot at leading Iceland’s next government ....

Putin slams as 'hysteria' claims of Russian meddling in US election

Sochi (Russia) (AFP) - President Vladimir Putin on Thursday slammed as "hysteria" claims that Russia has attempted to interfere in the upcoming US presidential elections by hacking American political institutions.

"The number of mythical, dreamt-up problems include the hysteria -- I can't think of another word -- that has broken out in the United States about the influence of Russia on the current elections for the US president," Putin said at a meeting of political scientists in Sochi. "Does anyone seriously think Russia can somehow influence the choice of the US people?" ....

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Paul Craig Roberts: "Putin's Nukes Could Wipe Out Entire American East Coast" In Minutes

Economist and political critic Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains how diplomatic relations have broken between Russia and the United States, after the U.S. knowingly attacked pro-Assad Syria forces… that, of course, was the cherry on top of a host of insults, deliberate antagonism and a strategy that could only result in further chaos and war.

The end of negotiations is unfortunately, given that fighting it out could mean thermonuclear war that would make Hiroshima and Nagasaki look trivial in comparison.

After a period of some patience, Russia is now warning that the United States is dangerously close to turning a proxy war into a direct world war – and they are deadly serious about defending the motherland and their sworn allies – namely Assad ....

US to abstain for first time in UN vote against Cuba embargo

United Nations (United States) (AFP) - The United States will for the first time abstain from a vote at the United Nations calling for an end to the US embargo against Cuba, Ambassador Samantha Power said Wednesday.

"The United States has always voted against this resolution. Today the United States will abstain," Power told the General Assembly, drawing loud applause ....

Trump Says He'd Love To Fight "Mr. Tough Guy" After Joe Biden's "Behind The Gym" Threats

Joe Biden said he wanted to take Trump behind the bleachers and beat him up. No one on Clinton’s side disavowed that call to violence because, we assume, they consider it justified hyperbole, but, asNBC News reports, it appears Donald Trump is in.

While campaigning for Hillary Clinton last week in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, the veep said he's always asked by reporters if he wished he were the one debating Trump.

"No," Biden responded. "I wish we were in high school. I could take him behind the gym. That's what I wish." ....

Bill Clinton 1995 State of the Union immigration comments

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

U.S. Said to Be Closing In on PDVSA-Linked Seizures, Charges

Federal prosecutors are preparing to charge several individuals and confiscate their property over the alleged looting of Venezuela’s state oil company in what may amount to one of the biggest asset seizures in U.S. history.

Three people familiar with the case say the government has been investigating at least a dozen Venezuelans and is expected to file charges in Houston against a few of them as soon as next month. Those on the list, including former executives of Petroleos de Venezuela SA, known as PDVSA, are suspected of having taken bribes from middlemen to award contracts at inflated prices, helping to siphon more than $11 billion out of the country.

All three people spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing and sensitive due to its impact on U.S. foreign policy ....

Venezuela's opposition-led Congress launches trial against Maduro

Venezuela's opposition-led National Assembly voted on Tuesday to open a political trial against President Nicolas Maduro for violating democracy, but the socialist government dismissed the move as meaningless.

The South American OPEC member's political standoff has worsened since last week's suspension of an opposition push to hold a referendum to try and recall Maduro, 53.

With that avenue closed, the opposition coalition has raised the stakes, using its power base in congress to begin legal action against Hugo Chavez's unpopular successor.

Unlike neighboring Brazil, where Dilma Rousseff was impeached and removed from the presidency in August, a trial against Maduro is unlikely to gain traction given the government and Supreme Court have declared congress illegitimate ....

Monday, October 24, 2016

Soros-Linked Voting Machines Cause Concern Over Rigged Election

A U.K. based company that has provided voting machines for 16 states, including important battleground states like Florida and Arizona, has direct ties with billionaire leftist and Clinton crusader George Soros.

With recent WikiLeaks emails showing that Hillary Clinton received foreign policy directives andcoordinated on domestic policy with Soros, along with receiving tens of millions of dollars in presidential campaign support from the billionaire, concerns are growing that these shadowy players may pull the strings behind the curtains of the upcoming presidential election ....

Friday, October 21, 2016

Parlez-vous Brexit? EU negotiator wants Brits to talk French

The European Union's lead Brexit negotiator would like British and EU officials to work in French rather than English during the divorce talks, an EU official familiar with Brussels' Brexit task force told Reuters on Friday.

After the report caused waves during British Prime Minister Theresa May's first EU summit in Brussels, Michel Barnier took to Twitter to deny - in English - having expressed such a view. However, he noted that language rules would be agreed by negotiators only once May launches the formal Brexit process next year.

The source told Reuters that people working with the former French foreign minister understood he would prefer his native tongue. "Barnier wants French to be the working language in Brexit negotiations with Britain," the EU official said ....

Ex-Venezuela PDVSA boss denies $11 billion corruption allegations

Former PDVSA President Rafael Ramirez denied as "irresponsible lies" a Venezuelan congressional investigation accusing the state oil company of corruption to the tune of $11 billion during his decade-long tenure.

The National Assembly's comptroller commission on Wednesday accused PDVSA of failing to account for the money, lost it says between 2004 and 2014 when Ramirez was at the helm.

"I want to totally DENY the lies, declarations and infamies of those lawmakers and the 'supposed report,'" said Ramirez in a statement published on the website of the Venezuelan mission to the United Nations, which he now leads ....

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Venezuela electoral body suspends referendum drive, angering opposition

Venezuela's electoral council on Thursday night suspended the next phase of a recall referendum against unpopular President Nicolas Maduro, drawing fire from the opposition.

Citing court orders, the electoral body said a signature drive planned for next week was suspended. Earlier on Thursday, Venezuelan ruling party officials said regional courts in at least four states had voided the opposition's drive, which they say has been plagued with fraud.

The opposition blasted the decision as an undemocratic move designed to dodge a vote against the Socialist president, who polls show would lose a plebiscite amid an economic crisis in the OPEC country that has food running short and inflation in triple digits ....