Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Brazil's Rousseff brands VP a traitor, denounces 'coup'

Brasília (AFP) - Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff took off the gloves Tuesday, branding her vice president a traitor and coup-plotter ahead of an impeachment vote scheduled in Congress for this Sunday.

In a blistering speech, Rousseff said: "If there were any doubts about my denunciation that a coup is underway, there can't be now."

Referring to the leak Monday of an audio recording in which her vice president, Michel Temer, practices the speech he would make if Rousseff is impeached, the president said: "The conspirators' mask has slipped."

"We are living in strange and worrying times, times of a coup and pretending and treachery," she said in the capital Brasilia. "Yesterday they used the pretense of a leak to give the order for the conspiracy." ....