Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Venezuela | The First Arrests in the Odebrecht Case…are of journalists looking into it

In Zulia State, the secret police (SEBIN) arrested journalists Jesús Urbina and María José Túa, managers and activists for NGO Transparencia Venezuela. Brazilian correspondents Leandro Stoliar (pictured above) and Gilson Souza de Oliveira (reporting for Rede Record, a Brazilian TV network) were also arrested as they were gathering information on the site of the second bridge over Maracaibo Lake —Nigale Bridge— one of many unfinished projects, one of many jewels in Odebrecht’s corruption crown.

Although Venezuela ranks second in Latin America in the company’s bribe-o-meter, according to its former president Marcelo Odebrecht, the Venezuelan government has remained impassive in the face of this enormous scandal. Its silence has no parallels in the region ....