Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Major networks ignore socialism’s impact on Venezuelan crisis

A new study by the Media Research Center found that the three major networks — ABC, NBC, and CBS — have dedicated a minuscule amount of coverage to the growing economic and civil rights crises — including catastrophic levels of unemployment, hunger, and inflation, and the brutal repression of peaceful protests by the controlling government — in Venezuela.

Additionally, MRC found that when the networks actually have covered the crisis, they’ve rarely mentioned the government’s socialist system as a factor in the nation’s troubles.

MRC based its timeline from March 2013 (after socialist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ death) through May 29, 2017. Through that time, ABC, NBC, and CBS evening news shows aired a total of 25 stories on the Venezuelan crisis, totaling 28 minutes, and 39 seconds of coverage on the socialist country. This amounts to almost 3o seconds a month ....